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Here You will find the registration forms for a first appointment in our practice. Please answer the questions completely and send them back to us (online, mail, fax or post). We will reply as soon as possible. Please also note that in our practice in Munich we are only allowed to treat private and self-employed persons!

Private registration (PDF)




Our core values

Principles of guidance of the practice-community for Children and Juvenile-psychiatry and Psychotherapy Dr. Alfred, Klaus-Werner Heuschen.

Children are our most valuable asset – within our daily work we feel deeply committed to this principle. Within our society, children are assessed according to growing performance-standards at a very age.  It is therefore important to support children, which have temporary or permanent progress- and performance difficulties in respect to their psychological development and/or problems in fulfilling learning expectations. In our work we strongly take into consideration all the pertinent interactions of children as part of the (family)-system.  We fully respect the living circumstances of our patients and their families, their ethnic origin, their religious affiliation and their social status.  A main focus of our work is the diagnosis and treatment of concentration problems (ADHD) as well as all disabilities related to this disorder.  This includes all disturbances (reading-writing-disturbances, dyscalculia, motoric skills or speech-development  retardation, as well as emotional disorders with depressive, anxiety, autistic and constraint disorders, psychotic and social problems. Within our practice we treat the complete spectrum of child- and juvenile-psychiatric disorders.


Furthermore, our medical doctors are psychiatric consultants to the “Klinikum Dritter Orden” and are provide psychiatric  care for a hostel for youth with psychiatric conditions in Dachau. We work in compliance with the guidelines/recommendations of  the professional associations and legal regula

tions. We treat materials and regulations in an economical manner.  We are committed to very high ethical values of medical behavior, which go back historically  to antique time periods. The nucleus of our practice is our Information counter as our liaison for all questions, applications and source of general information and scheduling.  Our core identity towards patients and the communication among our employees is guided by respect and a friendly environment.   The entire know-how  of our big, multi-professional team (specialist doctors, doctors, psychologists, social educators, occupational therapists, therapists for special needs) all work as a team for our patients and their families.

According to the valid regulations we advise our patients (according to age) and their parents regarding necessary medical treatments, possible options and alternative
treatment methods. Among these are therapies offered within our practice premises (therapeutic individual treatment, social educational family diagnosis within the home environment, group-therapy for children in elementary school, juvenile-age kinderhaendeand parent-training, also specially for turkish-speaking families), psychotherapeutic treatment or support via youth-help networks as well as treatment with food supplements or medication treatment.  When necessary, we can write certificates, opinion reports or extensive reports.  Within a period of many years, we have built up a very extensive network of experts including doctors, therapists as well as close contacts to self-help groups, schools and school-psychologists, educational institutions, clinics and specialized institutions for treatment of youths with special needs. We can only fulfill these expectations because our doctors and all colleagues involved in diagnostic and secretarial work permanently visit qualification courses.

In cooperation with the ADHS-Zentrum München and other institutions we organize workshops, seminars and symposiums within our premises.
Furthermore, we are authorized as an educational practice in Munich for psychotherapists for children.  We strongly feel the necessity of providing a learning environment for additional training in this field, in order to improve the capacities for the treatment of children and juveniles. In order to help fulfill this goal, we are engaged in regional, national and international scale: we participate in committees and research projects, which are helpful in the deployment of patient treatment (for ex. the leadership of the ADHS competence-network Munich/Oberbayern, advisory council to the central ADHD network, EFAK Study for early diagnosis of ADHD, research with food supplements). In summary: we regard ourselves as diagnosticians, consultants and therapists in the interest of the best possible development of your patients.

Service + Quality-management

Our Service

  • Appointments on short notice
  • Emergency-appointments in accordance with the pediatrician
  • Available during the entire year
  • Highly qualified multi-professionals Team (2 specialist doctors, 2 Assistant doctors, 2 senior Psychologists, over 10 Psychologists involved testing and in group therapy,
  • Very good network with individual practicing therapists for regular continuous therapy (AD/HS-Kompetenznetzwerk München/Oberbayern, Arbeitskreis für Legasthenie, MAP, CIP, DGVT, VFKV etc.)
  • Offering group therapies  such as  Marburger Concentration-training, Parent-training, AD/HD-Information evenings, also specially for turkish Families
  • Consultants tot he  Klinikum Dritter Orden
  • Appealing, child-friendly atmosphere in both our practices with changing art exhibitions

Our Mission

Diagnosis and treatment of all neuropsychiatric disorders in child – and juvenile age, for ex. emotional disorders (depressions, anxieties, constraints), psychoses, ADHD (view www.adhs-muenchen.net), dyslexia, dyscalculia, speech disorders, development and perception-disorders, eating disorders.

High-potential/gifted diagnosis


Therapies (for ex. Parent training, concentration-training for children, behavioral training, homeopathy, food supplements)
Medical reports for reintegration assistance (§35a SGB VIII/§53 SGB XII) or other clearances (for ex. custody, accommodation)


A vital component of our quality management policy is regular feedback by our patients.  Our goal is to permanently improve our services.   Therefore we ask our patients twice a year for a period of one week to grade our services provided by our team.

Our last survey was conducted between the 2. – 8th of August 2009.   We had 228 patients participating in the survey, supporting us to recognize and improve strengths and weaknesses.

Our grading system used the following scale: (1 = excellent, 6 = failure)

  1. The initial contact to our practice by telephone was graded with 2, 1, the first personal contact with our secretarial team was graded with 1,8
  2. Friendliness and competence by our secretarial team was graded as follows: friendliness = 1,8 and competence with 1,9.
  3. The professional  support by our doctors and psychologists was graded with 1,5
  4. The satisfaction with our diagnostic work and treatment was graded with 2,2
  5. The general satisfaction with our practice structure was graded 1,9

We are very satisfied with this positive feedback and want to thank all our patients who participated in the survey.

We kindly ask you for support in the future and for your critical evaluation.  Your sincere opinion gives us strength !


Operating manual fort he brain
Creative potential

Neurofeedback is based upon the knowledge that every person can learn to steer their brain activity. The interactivity of strain (activation) and relaxation is very important for daily life. Whether learning with concentration, steering of vigilance or reaching a conscientious state of relaxation during test-situations, the path to this goal is different for every single individual. Creativity for this is a must !

Every patient is supported, in order to find his /her individual picture, which corresponds to these states of mind.  Support can be reached through the choice of positive images (submarine, jet, sun, etc.), which can be steered with your mind-force.

High Tech, which activates your mind and provides a joyful experience

On the basis of behavioral therapy´s well known and proven “operative conditioning” one achieves an instant reward of the aspired mood.
The self-regulation process should lead to a change of  brain currents and influence the perception and behavior. This therapy has a higher cost and involvement of personnel, however it has no side-effects and can be applied at all ages.
Even if the degree of effectiveness is not as high as with medication, this therapy form has its merits.
When applied in combination with medication, often enough the dose of medication can be reduced.

At present, Neurofeedback therapy is not yet part of the therapy catalogue of the medical insurance. However, every patient should apply to their medical insurance company for reimbursement of costs. Private medical insurance companies reimburse the costs normally after applying  in advance with a treatment plan.


Knowledge provides the tools

This treatment form has been tested extensively in the past 10 years. The positive effectiveness has been proven ! Specially with ADHD patients (concentration disorders, problems with impulse control), difficulties with mood regulation (duration adjustment, testing anxiety, insomnia) as well as headaches can be relieved shortly and permanently!
Neurofeedback therapy is applied in our practice by experienced therapists and stabilized in every session. We decide with the patient how we can integrate Neurofeedback within the entire treatment. If necessary, we can provide an individual treatment with individual-, group- and family-therapy elements including Neurofeedback.

For more information ask in our practice.